We contribute to the modernization and competitiveness of the forest sector, the rural development and to the sustainable management of the environment

To achieve this, we are organized on three programs: multifunctional forest management, landscape dynamics and biodiversity, and governance and bioeconomy.

The research carried out within these programs is focused on key aspects such as environmental function equilibrium, climate change adaptation or competitiveness along value chains. Part of the activity carried out in the programs is transferred to society by the company FBS.


2019-2025 Strategy

Multifunctional forest management

Our consideration of multifunctional forest management is based on knowledge and the development of tools that ensure the ecological, social and economic values of the forest ecosystems, guaranteeing the sustainable provision of goods and services.

We analyse and evaluate the modelling of forest dynamics to promote a silviculture aimed at adapting to environmental and social changes, based on knowledge of how forests function. Research and innovation at various scales of multifunctional forest planning and the development of agroforestry planning and management support tools are key. We also develop research on the ecology of fire, the capacity of forest systems to adapt and respond to natural disturbances, and the prevention of large forest fires.

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Landscape dynamics and biodiversity

This programme studies the landscape created by the relationship between ecosystems and society. Analysis of different drivers on natural ecosystems and the goods and services that they provide is crucial for ensuring the persistence of the ecosystems and the future provision of the associated goods and services.
Our work is based on the ecology of landscapes and biodiversity, an analysis of fires and other disturbances, mosaic landscapes (agroforestry systems or transitions between urban-suburban-rural areas) and the development of innovative forest planning and decision-making tools.

Innovative forest planning on the forest/landscape/region level and the development of decision-making support tools are key for analysing landscape dynamics and biodiversity, as well as for evaluating and selecting the management policies to implement in a given territory.

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Bioeconomy and governance

The study and promotion of the bioeconomy is closely related to the research, innovation and the competitiveness of value chains, mitigation of climate change and economic and social development in rural areas.

The demand and markets for emerging products requires the establishment of new processes and bioproducts (cross-laminated wood, proximity biomass circuits, truffles, mushrooms, cork, aromatic and medicinal plants, etc.), aiming to fit the bioeconomy into the circular economy and promote new policies.

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FBS / Transfer
Part of the activity carried out in the CTFC is transferred by the company FBS, commissioned to valorize developed knowledge and transfer it to the market through new products and/or quality services, all related to the scientific-technical expertise of the institution teams.

Featured projects and publications


Forest Landscape Planning and Decision Making Group
Stock de carbono en los suelos de España: respuesta al cambio climático y al cambio de uso
INtegrated research on FOrest Resilience and Management in the MEDiterranean
Decision Making Support for Forest Ecosystem Services in Europe - Value Assessment, Synergy Effects and Trade-offs
Sustainable future of European Forests for Developing the Bioeconomy
Innovation Networks of Cork, Resins and Edibles in the Mediterranean basin
Innovative management and multifunctional utilization of traditional coppice forests - an answer to future ecological, economic and social challenges in the European forestry sector
Climate-Smart Forestry in Mountain Regions
Spurring Innovations for Forest Ecosystem Services in Europe
Multipurpose trees and non-wood forest products a challenge and opportunity
Building the European Biodiversity Observation Network
Integración de la producción y diversidad micológica en la planificación y gestión forestal de masas de P. sylvestris y P. pinaster del norte de España
Pasado, presente y futuro de los bosques de montaña: seguimiento y modelización de los efectos del cambio climático y la gestión sobre la dinámica forestal
Forecasting of ecosystem services in forests: impacts and adaptation to extreme climate events
Estrategias de Respuesta de sistemas leñosos mediterráneos a perturbaciones de origen natural o antrópico
Evaluación de la eficiencia de alternativas de gestión forestal multi-objetivo a nivel de paisaje
Evaluación del efecto de los factores ambientales en la diversidad fúngica y de su influencia en la generación de servicios ecosistémicos
Environmental public goods From Farming through Effective Contract Targeting
Social Innovation in Marginalised Rural Areas
Models and decision Suport tools for integrated Forest policy development underglobal change and associated Risk and Uncertainty
New and old world perspectives for forest ecology and management in a context of global change
Center for Mediterranean Forest Research


Innovative management strategies for climate change adaptation of mixed subhumid Mediterranean forests
Restoration, conservation and governance of the Alnus aluvial forests in the Mediterranean Region
Innovative forest management strategies to enhance biodiversity in Mediterranean forests. Incentives & Management Tools
Sustainable regional bioenergy policies: a game changer
Formación para provomer nuevas Ocupaciones en el sector Forestal y Rural
Network of knowledge for efficient private forests
Valorització i innovació en la gestió agrosilvopastoral de la demarcació de Barcelona no metropolitana
Plataforma transfronteriza de información espacial de fauna de los Pirineos
Innovación y mejora de la competitividad en la producción y aprovechamiento de piñón de pino piñonero
Cost-efficient integration of megafire prevention into forest management in the Mediterranean
LIFE Demorgest
Combining and improving online bird portals data to display near-real- time spatiotemporal patterns of bird distribution across Europe
Forest management promotion for climate change mitigation through the design of a local market of climatic credits
Valorisation of ancient farming techniques in resilient and sustainable agriculture
Training platform open to any Forestry Trainer in europe
Enhancing CSO’s capacities to contribute to forest governance and sustainable growth in the Hyrcanian Mixed Forests eco-region
Improvment of TAXUS baccata conservationstatus in north-eastern Iberian Peninsula
Sustainable management for conservation of Black pine (Pinus nigra subs.salzmanii var Pyerenaica) forests in Catalonia
Integrative management for an improved adaptation of cork oak forest to climate change
Combining and improving online bird portals data to display near-real-time spatiotemporal patterns of bird distribution across Europe
LIFE EuroBirdPortal
From Biodiversity Data to Decisions: enchancing natural value through improved regional development policies
Erasmus Project: Blended European Forestry Training
Proposal for a new professional qualification that includes all the competences of the European Chainsaw Certificate
Cambio climatico y adaptacion de los bosques del Pirineo
Preservar y gestionar los habitats de la avifauna bio-indicadora de los Pirineos
Gestión y puesta en red de los espacios naturales del Pirineo
Economía pirenaica: Promoción del empleo forestal transfronterizo
Innovación en la movilización y la transformación de la madera pirenaica
Valorización de las Plantas Aromático-Medicinales silvestres: Gestión sostenible de la biodiversidad vegetal y desarrollo socioeconómico de las zonas rurales del espacio SUDOE
Efficient fire risk communication for resilient societies
Networking for the European Forest Risk Facility initiative
Conservación de quirópteros amenazados y gestión forestal en los Pirineos
Eco Tourism Action Plan: Integrating innovative Practices and Best Applications in EU with regard to EQF
Forest educational resources
Trabajo en Red para el Desarrollo de un Modelo Integrado de Gestión Sostenible de la Biomasa Forestal en Circuito Corto aplicable a Zonas de Montaña del Espacio SUDOE
Reestructuració de l’explotació de fusta de qualitat, i el seu procés de classificació per tal de diversificar-ne la seva producció i millorar la seva implementació en els mercats locals

(articles, books, ...)

Peatland Wildfire Severity and Postfire Gaseous Carbon Fluxes
Geomorphological response to system-scale river rehabilitation I: Sediment supply from a reconnected tributary
Non -wood forest products in Europe ? A quantitative overview
Geomorphic process signatures reshaping sub-humid Mediterranean badlands: 2. Application to 5-year dataset
Geomorphic process signatures reshaping sub-humid Mediterranean badlands: 1. Methodological development based on high-resolution topography
Geomorphic adjustments to multi-scale disturbances in a mountain river: A century of observations
A Progressive Hedging Approach to Solve Harvest Scheduling Problem under Climate Change
Can inpainting improve digital terrain analysis? Comparing techniques for void filling, surface reconstruction and geomorphometric analyses
Modelling Forest Ecosystems: a crossroad between scales, techniques and applications
Influence of habitat heterogeneity and bed surface complexity on benthic invertebrate diversity in a gravel-bed river
Shared drought responses among conifer species in the middle Siberian taiga are uncoupled from their contrasting water-use efficiency trajectories
Effects of Hydropeaking on Bed Mobility: Evidence from a Pyrenean River
Manual de gestión de barbechos para la conservación de aves esteparias
Freshwater ecosystems in protected areas: conservation and management
Manual de conservación y seguimiento de los quirópteros forestales
High Mountain Conservation in a Changing World. Advances in Global Change Research, book series

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