Staff / General Direction
Verkasalo, Erkki
Wood Technology -INCAFUST


Dr.Sc. (Agr. &For.) in Wood Science and Forest Products, University of Helsinki, Finland  (1997)

Master of Science in Wood Science and Forest Products, Virginia Tech, USA (1991)

M.Sc. (Agr.&For.) in Forest Technology, University of Helsinki, Finland (1984)

Special vocational training degree in organization, personnel and project management (JET degree), Vocational Institute of Northern Carelia, Finland (2010)

Inter-Nordic courses for wood scientists, Finland and Sweden (1986, 1992)

Work experience:

Professor / Research Professor in Wood Science and Technology in Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), 2015-. Previously in the same duty in Finnish Forest Research Institute (METLA), 1998-2014. Director/manager of three research programmes in Metla (2002-2014) and one research programme in Luke (2015-2016). Representative in numerous domestic collaborative development projects and platforms of forest-based sector, wood product industries and forest bioenergy branch since 1996, and Nordic and European collaboration networks and initiatives of research and development (SNS, COST, Innovawood) since 1992.

Responsible for the discipline of wood research, especially on wood raw materials, their characteristics and utilization in SME sector (wood products industries, building and living with wood, bioenergy and biorefining). Team Leader of Wood Products Industries Solutions and Module Coordinator in Research Programme of Boreal Green Bioeconomy.

Former duties: different posts of researcher in METLA (1984-1990 and 1992-1998), visiting scientist at U.S. Forest Products Laboratory, Madison, Wisconsin (1991), different forestry training and research assistant duties in Finnish private forestry associations, VAPO Ltd., SCA Ltd. (Sweden) and Finnish Forest and Park Service (1979-84).

230 research and textbook articles and reviews, more than 300 professional dissemination articles and technical reports.

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