Staff / Landscape dynamics and biodiversity
Peris Llopis, Marina
Precision Forestry - New tools for forestry decision making (PrecFor)

I am a Doctoral student at the “Forest and Bioresources” Programme at the University of Eastern Finland. My main field of research is fire risk. I study how to integrate fire risk into forest planning, aiming to prevent forest fires and their impacts. Designing tools to prevent fire occurrence and damage is key to mitigate the negative effects of these disturbances and create fire-resilient landscapes able to cope with changing environmental conditions.

In 2015 I completed a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences at Universitat de València, and I am former alumni of the Master Programme in Forestry by the University of Eastern Finland (2019). In addition, I have worked as a technician at the Environment and Climate Change department in Dénia (Alicante, Spain), as well as in a pest control company in València.

Peris-Llopis, M., González-Olabarria, J. R., & Mola-Yudego, B. (2020). Size dependency of variables influencing fire occurrence in Mediterranean forests of Eastern Spain. European Journal of Forest Research, 139(4), 525-537.